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Why I have the most amazing job ever

Posted by Dennis Proppe on 01.06.2016 09:19:06

Working at the boundaries between Data Science, Business and Computer Science is amazing.

You get to implement things that do not yet exist to help businesses solve problem that do exist.

My job as a CTO is…wait. What is the job of a CTO of a predictive analytics software company, actually?

I like to think of it as to “get” the future and make small batches of it available today to our clients, which is amazing.

I have the great honour of working with very smart and decent people from the fields of data science, computer science, web development, sales and marketing to make this happen.

Yet, sometimes, the everyday stream of challenges and mini-fails can cloud the outlook on this greatness. You sometimes feel tired and overwhelmed with all the small and not so small things your team and you have to get right to succeed.

But then, you go to a conference on a friday and you are completely blown away by the awesome topics and speakers: Big thanks to the organizers @pydataberlin and the speakers, especially: Julia Evans, @krasul, @mjaskowski, @nora_neu, Martina Pugliese and @kjam.

Then, your team and you go crazy on the possibilities ahead. And then you get a call from sales that the big deal you worked on so many weeks is now finally closing. And then, afterwards, you get a Slack message from a data scientist on your team that shows that he has built a deep learning prototype using his phone on the train because he was too excited about it to wait to get home!

And then you realize you have the most amazing job ever.

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